Who are we?

Hi, that's us – Marek and Tomek.

We’ve been friends for over twenty years. At that point already we had an idea to create our own brewery. And in 2016 we did it! We set up „Browar Za Miastem” with the help of our family and friends.

Two Piotrs joined us soon. One - a brewer and a technologist with vast experience. Another one, knowing the catering trade, full of sales energy.

The first beer was brewed at the beginning of 2017 and at that point two of them won the awards in KPR Kraft Roku competition. Since then we’ve been expanding our portfolio and our business.

We like beer. Beer for us means free time, peace of mind. It is associated with good mood and nice moments. This is the origin of our beer names and labels. We put our heart, energy in our Brewery and we're still learning and developing.


In the first years worked on a contract basis: we brewed our beer in mate breweries according to our recipes. The year 2022 was momentous. We’ve built a brewery near Poznań - the first beer was brewed here in the summer.

Our own brewery means new possibilities, a bigger team and even higher care for details.

Our commitment to and joy of beer brewing are the same.